Advising Resources


* The Change of Major Application, Student Worker Application, and Fall, Spring, and Summer, Force Requests are only available during specific time-periods in the year. If the link is closed, please contact your academic advisor for more information on when these requests will be available.

Degree Planners

Prior to your pre-registration meeting with Ms. Rosser, download one of the Degree Planners below and fill it out. Email the completed file to prior to the meeting, or bring it to the meeting on a flash-drive. The Degree Planner is an Excel spreadsheet designed specifically for G&G degrees. You can start with the blank file, or modify a template created for your degree program is. (Note that BS degrees come in two versions: for the most part, you will be in "old" if you entered the program before Fall 2016, and "new" if you entered Fall 2016 or later.) It is strongly recommended that you look at the Instructions tab to see how to fill this out.