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Application Process

The Department of Geology & Geophysics admits students to our graduate program in the Fall semester and Spring semester of each academic year. As such, there are two separate application rounds each academic year.

The current academic year period is August 2023 through May 2024.

The application deadline for Spring 2024 admission is October 1, 2023. To apply for Spring 2024 admission, use this link: 

The application deadline for Fall 2024 admission is January 1, 2024; however, applications should be completed by early December 2023 to be considered for all types of financial support from the University and Department even though the formal application deadline is January 1 2024. To apply for Fall 2024 admission, use this link:

Admission Decisions

All of the graduate faculty members in the Department of Geology & Geophysics will review the applications, and then each faculty member will identify and nominate applicants that they want to be considered for admission to their research program. These faculty nominations are then submitted to the Department’s Graduate Admissions Committee for final review and admission/funding decisions.

The Graduate Admissions Committee makes most admission offers within two months after the application deadline. Offers of financial support from the department are made at the same time as the offers of admission. Currently, most of our offers of admission are made for Fall semester because the availability of financial support is much greater for new students starting in the fall.

M.S. Applicants

For M.S. applicants, admission offers may include full or partial financial support. For further details visit

Ph.D. Applicants

Our department only makes offers of admission to Ph.D. applicants with a commitment of full financial support. This financial support can be in the form of a Department Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GAT), a Graduate Research Assistantship (GAR) provided by a particular faculty member in the Department, a Named Fellowship or Scholarship provided by the Department, College or University, financial aid awarded directly to the applicant from external sources (e.g., Sponsorships or Scholarships/Fellowships), or some combination of Department and external support to the student. For further details visit


Admission to our graduate program is competitive, and we generally offer admission to about 20% of Fall applicants. A successful applicant usually has contacted one or more faculty members in our department well before the application deadline, and has discussed possible research projects and expected coursework. By speaking with individual faculty, an applicant can discuss their research interests as well as the faculty member's interests, determine if the faculty member is planning to admit students in coming semesters, and if the faculty member has financial support for an incoming graduate student. This information will help the applicant decide to proceed or not with submitting an application. Note that the applicant must pay the application fee as neither the University nor Department nor individual faculty members offer vouchers or reimbursements for application.

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