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Admission Requirements

The Department of Geology and Geophysics at Texas A&M University welcomes applicants with a four-year baccalaureate degree, usually in geology, geophysics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, or engineering. A Master of Science is not required to apply as a Ph.D. student. Students with an M.S. should apply for the Ph.D.-64 hour program while B.S. degree holders should apply for the Ph.D.-96 hour program. Ideally, applicants should have completed mathematics through integral calculus and differential equations or statistics, one year of college-level chemistry, and one year of calculus-based physics.

The Department of Geology and Geophysics is committed to a welcoming educational environment for all visitors, students, faculty, and staff by promoting a culture that embraces inclusion, equity, and accountability. Maintaining a community of individuals with different perspectives, talents, and life experiences is vital to accomplishing our mission and living our core vaules. 

Admission requires that a completed application is submitted by the stated deadline for the Fall or Spring semester. The single application guarantees you will be considered for both admission and financial support. The following information, and that provided on the Application Process page, will help you gather and prepare documents necessary to complete the application properly. Before initiating an application, click on the button at the top or bottom of this page to read about the Application Process.


  •    Completed GraduateCAS Application
  •    Undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts
  •    TOEFL or IELTS scores (International applicants only)
  •    CV or Resume
  •    3 Letters of Recommendation
  •    Personal Statement

Transcripts: The University prefers that you upload unofficial transcripts for your application. Official transcripts will be requested once you are admitted to a graduate program.

Grade Point Average (GPA): There is no minimum GPA to be considered as an applicant, but most incoming students have GPAs well above 3.00.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE): At this time, we do not require applicants to report GRE scores, and we will not consider GRE scores in our holistic application-review process.

TOEFL or IELTS: International applicants whose native language is not English must take a standardized test to demonstrate English proficiency.

Check the web page for a complete list of university admissions requirements including the acceptable standardized tests to demonstrate English proficiency.

Note that in order to serve as a Graduate Assistant in Teaching, international applicants whose native language is not English must meet English proficiency standards greater than that for admission, using a standardized test TOEFL Essentials, TOEFL Speaking, or IELTS Speaking. For further details see

CV or Resume: This provides the opportunity to succinctly summarize your academic history and achievements, awards, research experience and products, service activities, employment history, etc.

Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required, and the letters are important. Choose recommenders who can adequately and fairly assess your potential, both as a student and a researcher. Accordingly, letters should come from academic referees, rather than to previous employers; however, in cases where your workplace professional activities are directly related to your planned M.S. or Ph.D. course of study, then a letter from a supervisor is welcomed.

Personal Statement: The personal statement gives you an opportunity to communicate directly to faculty members and the admissions committee. Read the prompt before writing your statement. Use the following link for guidance on writing a strong personal statement.