Earth Resources & Resilience

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As a society, we must be able to find and efficiently use natural resources and safeguard those resources for future generations. Our students and faculty conduct fundamental and applied research to further these goals in study areas including improved hydrocarbon exploration and extraction methods, natural hazard assessment and mitigation, water scarcity and contamination, and human-Earth system interactions.



Benchun Duan

Earthquake source physics, computational seismology, geomechanics

Mark Everett

Mark Everett

Near-surface Applied Geophysics

Ethan Grossman

Ethan Grossman

Stable isotope geochemistry, clumped isotopes, global change


Hiroko Kitajima

Experimental rock and soil mechanics


Peter Knappett

Geogenic contaminants, aquifer, groundwater-surface water, arsenic, fluoride, fecal bacteria, viruses, environmental health, Bangladesh, Mexico, geothermal, urban aquifers

Nick Perez

Nick Perez

Tectonics, basin dynamics, fold-thrust belts, continental rifts

Mike Pope

Michael Pope

Sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, carbonate, siliciclastic

Julia Reece

Julia Reece

Sedimentology, Sediment Mechanics


Hongbin Zhan

Groundwater hydrology, flow and transport in geological formations

Centers & Labs


Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems

The Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems integrates geosciences, engineering and other disciplines to collaborate with industry and others to advance research and education in petroleum studies.