Teaching Assistantships

The Department offers numerous teaching opportunities that provide financial support. Teaching is typically in undergraduate laboratory courses (e.g., GEOL 203), ranging from 10 to 30 students per lab section. Graduate Assistantships in Teaching (GAT) are offered in the Fall admission cycle, and on a semesterly basis as needed to meet teaching needs.

Research Assistantships

Many professors provide students with a Graduate Assistantship in Research (GAR) associated with externally funded research projects within the Department. A GAR provides financial support and is often, but not necessarily, directly related to your thesis or dissertation research. Graduate Assistantships in Research are offered in both Fall and Spring admission cycles.

Department & College Scholarships and Fellowships

Named Scholarships and Fellowships that can provide full or supplementary financial support are awarded upon admission. In addition, supplemental awards are often provided to continuing students that can be used to cover living expenses, and field and laboratory research costs, and travel to professional meetings.

University Scholarships or Fellowships

The Graduate and Professional School (GPS) also provides funding that can provide supplementary financial support. Many of these Scholarships or Fellowships have specific eligibility criteria. In most cases the application for GPS funding is handled by the Department during the Admission process.

Non-Teaching Graduate Assistantship (GANT)

Assistantships may be available with university-affiliated organizations such as the Study Abroad Office or Association of Former Students. These are not typically available through the department, but require you to contact the particular branch of interest. Another resource for such opportunities is Jobs For Aggies, who maintain postings of work opportunities throughout the campus.