Marion Nachon

Marion Nachon

Associate Research Scientist, and Lecturer

Main Research fields: Planetary Geosciences; NASA Mars rover missions; Space-analog robotic missions


Space Mission Experience & Research Grants awarded


2020 - 2024



1 of the 13 Participating Scientist, NASA Mars 2020 mission, Perseverance rover.

PI of NASA grant “Coupling datasets from PIXL and SuperCam instruments and rover cameras to characterize Mars’ geological record at the millimetric/micrometric scale”.

Activities: Data analysis: Instruments PIXL and SuperCam/LIBS, Mastcam-Z images and Mars orbital images analysis.  Rover operations: Campaign Science Lead. PIXL and SuperCam sPUL (Science Payload Uplink Link role).  Participation in Jezero crater mapping effort.

2016 – 2018



Science collaborator, NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission, Curiosity rover.

Mast Camera (Mastcam), Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) Team member.

Activities: Mastcam and MAHLI data analysis.  Talks at MSL Team meetings.  Suggestion and organization of the 1st and 2nd MSL students & postdocs meeting.



European Space Agency (ESA) Summer School.

Activities: Team-work design of a space mission concept.

2012 – 2016



Science collaborator, NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission, Curiosity rover.

ChemCam (Chemistry and Camera) instrument Team member.

Activities: ChemCam/LIBS instrument data analysis, science data quality assessment, reports writing.  Participation to rover operations: sPDL (Science Payload Downlink Link role).  Talk at the MSL Team meeting.  Data training of colleagues and students.


Space-Analog Mission Experience & Research Grants awarded


2022 – 2025

Co-Investigator for NASA-funded project LASSIE “Legged Autonomous Surface Science In Analogue Environments”.

Activities: Fieldwork campaigns (White Sands, NM; Mount Hood, OR) coordination of logistics and research plans across the 3 main teams (geosciences, technology, cognitive sciences).  Data and samples collection, and analysis (including micro-XRF).


Participant in NASA project SAND-E “Semi-Autonomous Navigation for Detrital Environments”, led by Pr. R. Ewing.

Activities: preparation and participation in Fieldwork campaign in Iceland; Committee member and supervision participation for a Master and a Ph.D degrees. Student trained on XRF laboratory analyses; conference abstracts writing.


Other Planetary Geosciences Projects & Research Grants awarded

2022 - 2023


PI of the Seed Grant from the Texas A&M University Program for Promoting Research Collaborations:

“Optimizing the analysis and interpretation of geobiological datasets in the quick-pace context of operating the NASA Perseverance rover on Mars”.

Collaborative research across the Departments of Geology, Statistics, International Studies, Psychology & Brain Sciences.


2018 - 2023


Participant in NASA-funded “X-ray Florescence (XRF) technologies for biosignature screening in aeolian environments”, led by Dr. Ewing and Dr. Tice.

Activities: fieldwork and aeolian samples collection (Utah, Texas), micro-XRF data acquisition and data analysis.


Education and appointments

2020 - Current   Associate Research ScientistTexas A&M University.

Spring 2024: Lecturer. Planetary Geology (GEOL 310), Texas A&M University - Department of Geology and Geophysics

2018 - 2020   Postdoctoral Research AssociateTexas A&M University.

2016 - 2018   Postdoctoral Research AssociateUniversity of California Davis.

Science collabortaor, NASA Mars Science Laboratory mission - Mast Camera (Mastcam), Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) Team member.

2012 - 2016   Ph.D. Earth and Planetary Sciences. Université de Nantes - Laboratoire Planétologie et Géodynamique, France. 

Dissertation: "Study of martian surface chemistry and mineralogy, using ChemCam data and LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) experiments".

Science collaborator, NASA Mars Science Laboratory mission - ChemCam (Chemistry and Camera) instrument Team member. 

2010 - 2012   M.Sc. Earth and Planetary Sciences. Université Paris Sud, France.

2007 - 2010   B.Sc. Earth and Environmental Sciences. Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France.

Including 1 year ERASMUS exchange at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.


  • French: native language.   
  • English: Fluent.   
  • Spanish: Fluent. (¡Dispuesta y encantada de hablar de temas Espaciales/Geológicos/Científicos en español!)

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

* indicates student mentee

Datasets analyzed:   ▲XRF (X-ray fluorescence)    SuperCam LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)/Perseverance      ☼ ChemCam LIBS      ☼☼ LIBS laboratory analyses     Perseverance rover images     ■ Mastcam rover images    □ MAHLI rover images   ● Mars orbital images + GIS software     Field work


Investigating microbial biosignatures in aeolian environments using µXRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyses that simulate the PIXL instrument onboard the Perseverance Mars 2020 rover. M. Nachon, R.C. Ewing, M.M. Tice, B. Williford. Accepted in Astrobiology. ◊▲


Depositional and Diagenetic Sulfates of Hogwallow Flats and Yori Pass, Jezero Crater: Evaluating Preservation Potential of Environmental Indicators and Possible Biosignatures From Past Martian Surface Waters and Groundwaters, K.C. Benison, K. Gill, S. Sharma, S. Siljeström, M. Zawaski, T. Bosak, A. Broz, B.C. Clark, E. Cloutis, A. Czaja, D. Flannery, T. Fornaro, F. Gómez, K. Hand, C. Herd, J. Johnson, J.M. Madariaga, M.B. Madsen, J. Martinez-Frías, M. Nachon, J. Núñez, D. Pedersen, N. Randazzo, D. Shuster, J. Simon, A. Steele, C. Tate, A. Treiman, K. Uckert, A. Williams, A. Yanchilina (2024) JGR Planets.

A Mars 2020 Perseverance SuperCam Perspective on the Igneous Nature of the Máaz formation at Jezero crater and link with Séítah, Mars, A. Udry, A. Ostwald, V. Sautter, A. Cousin, O. Beyssac, O. Forni, G. Dromart, K. Benzerara, M. Nachon & 44 co-authors (2022) JGR Planets.

An olivine cumulate outcrop on the floor of Jezero crater, Mars. Y Liu, MM Tice, ME Schmidt, AH Treiman, TV Kizovski, JA Hurowitz, AC Allwood, J Henneke, DAK Pedersen, SJ VanBommel, MWM Jones, AL Knight, BJ Orenstein, BC Clark, WT Elam, CM Heirwegh, T Barber, LW Beegle, K Benzerara, S Bernard, O Beyssac, T Bosak, AJ Brown, EL Cardarelli, DC Catling, JR Christian, EA Cloutis, BA Cohen, S Davidoff, AG Fairén, KA Farley, DT Flannery, A Galvin, JP Grotzinger, S Gupta, J Hall, CDK Herd, K Hickman-Lewis, RP Hodyss, BHN Horgan, JR Johnson, JL Jørgensen, LC Kah, JN Maki, L Mandon, N Mangold, FM McCubbin, SM McLennan, K Moore, M Nachon & 21 co-authors. (2022) Science.

Coupling Mars ground and orbital views: generate viewsheds of Mastcam images from the Curiosity rover, using ArcGIS® and public datasets. M. Nachon, *S. Borges, R.C. Ewing, F. Rivera-Hernández, N. Stein, J. K. Van Beek (2020) Earth and Space Science. ■● 

An interval of high salinity in ancient Gale crater lake on Mars. Rapin W., B. Ehlmann, G. Dromart, J. Schieber, N. Thomas, W. Fischer, V. Fox, N. Stein, M. Nachon, B. Clark, L. Kah, L. Thompson, H. Meyer, T. Gabriel, C. Hardgrove, N. Mangold, F. Rivera-Hernandez, R. Wiens, A. Vasavada (2019) Nature Geoscience. ■☼

Using ChemCam LIBS data to constrain grain size in rocks on Mars: Proof of concept and application to rocks at Yellowknife Bay and Pahrump Hills, Gale crater. Rivera-Hernández F., D Sumner, N. Mangold, K. Stack, O. Forni, H. Newsom, A. Williams, M. Nachon, J. L'Haridon, O. Gasnault, R. Wiens, S. Maurice (2019) Icarus. ☼■

Mineral-filled fractures as indicators of multigenerational fluid flow in the Pahrump Hills member of the Murray formation, Gale Crater, Mars. R. Kronyak, L. Kah, K.S. Edgett, S. VanBommel, L. Thompson, R. Wiens, V. Sun, M. Nachon (2019) Earth and Space Science. ☼■●

Late-stage diagenetic concretions in the Murray formation, Gale crater, Mars. Sun V., K. Stack, L. Kah, L. Thompson, W. Fischer, A. Williams, S. Johnson, R. Wiens, R. Kronyak, M. Nachon, C. Hous, S. VanBommel (2018) Icarus. ☼■□

Copper enrichments in the Kimberley formation in Gale crater, Mars: Evidence for a Cu deposit at the source. V. Payré, C. Fabre, V. Sautter, A. Cousin, N. Mangold, L. LeDeit, O. Forni, W. Goetz, R.C.Wiens, O. Gasnault, P-Y. Meslin, J. Lasue, W. Rapin, B. Clark, M. Nachon, N. Lanza, S. Maurice (2018)  Icarus.

Are the different gully morphologies due to different formation processes on the Kaiser dune field? Pasquon K., J. Gargani, M. Nachon, S.J. Conway, M. Massé, G. Jouannic, M. Balme, F. Costard, M. Vincendon (2018) Geological Society of London Publications. ●

Chemical variability in mineralized veins observed by ChemCam on the lower slopes of Mount Sharp in Gale crater, Mars. L’Haridon J., N. Mangold, P-Y. Meslin, J. Johnson, W. Rapin, O. Forni, A. Cousin, V. Payré, E. Dehouck, M. Nachon, L. Le Deit, O.Gasnault, S. Maurice, R. Wiens (2018) Icarus.

Chemistry of diagenetic features analyzed by ChemCam at Pahrump Hills, Gale crater, Mars. M. Nachon, N. Mangold, O. Forni, L. Kah, R.C. Wiens, R. Anderson, D. Blaney, J.G. Blank, F. Calef, S. Clegg, C. Fabre, M. Fisk, J. Grotzinger, R. Kronyak, N. Lanza, J. Lasue, L. Le Deit, S. Le Mouelic, S. Maurice, P-Y. Meslin, D. Oehler, V. Payre, W. Rapin, S. Schröder, K. Stack, D. Sumner (2017) Icarus. ☼■□●☼☼

Alkali trace elements in Gale crater, Mars, with ChemCam: calibration update and geological implications. Payré V., C. Fabre, A. Cousin, V. Sautter, R. Wiens, O. Forni, O. Gasnault, N. Mangold, P.-Y. Meslin, J. Lasue, A. Ollila, W. Rapin, S. Maurice, M. Nachon, L. Le Deit, N. Lanza, S. Clegg (2017)  J. Geophys. Res. Planets.

Hydration state of calcium sulfates in Gale crater: Identification of bassanite veins. Rapin W., P.-Y. Meslin, S.Maurice, D. Vaniman, M. Nachon, N. Mangold, S. Schröder, O. Gasnault, O. Forni, R.C. Wiens, G. Martínez, A. Cousin, V. Sautter, J. Lasue, E. Rampe, D. Archer (2016) Earth Planet. Sci. Letters.

ChemCam activities and discoveries during the nominal mission of the MSL in Gale crater, Mars. Maurice S., S. Clegg, R. Wiens, O. Gasnault, W. Rapin, O. Forni, A. Cousin, V. Sautter, N. Mangold, L. Le Deit, M. Nachon, R. Anderson, N. L. Lanza, C. Fabre, V. Payré, J. Lasue, P.-Y. Meslin, R. J. Léveillé, B. Barraclough, P. Beck, S. Bender, G. Berger, J. Bridges, N. Bridges, G. Dromart, M. Dyar, R. Francis, J. Frydenvang, B. Gondet, B. Ehlmann, K. Herkenhoff, J. Johnson, Y. Langevin, M. Madsen, N. Melikechi, J.-L. Lacour, S. Le Mouélic, E. Lewin, H. Newsom, A. Ollila, P. Pinet, S. Schröder, J.-B. Sirven, R. Tokar, M. Toplis, C. d'Uston, D. Vaniman, A. Vasavada (2016) Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. ☼■☼☼

The potassic sedimentary rocks in Gale crater, Mars, as seen by ChemCam on board Curiosity. Le Deit L., N. Mangold, O. Forni, A. Cousin, J. Lasue, S. Schröder, R. Wiens, D. Sumner, C. Fabre, K. Stack, R. Anderson, D. Blaney, S. Clegg, G. Dromart, M. Fisk, O. Gasnault, J. Grotzinger, S. Gupta, N. Lanza, S. Le Mouélic, S. Maurice, S. McLennan, P-Y. Meslin, M. Nachon, H. Newsom, V. Payré, W. Rapin, M. Rice, V. Sautter, A. H. Treiman  (2016) J. Geophys. Res. Planets.

Observation of > 5 wt % zinc at the Kimberley outcrop, Gale crater, Mars. Lasue J. S. Clegg, O. Forni, A. Cousin, R. Wiens, N. Lanza, N. Mangold, L. Le Deit, O. Gasnault, S. Maurice, J. Berger, K. Stack, D. Blaney, C. Fabre, W. Goetz, J. Johnson, S. Le Mouélic, M. Nachon, V. Payré, W. Rapin, D. Sumner (2016) J. Geophys. Research.

Understanding the signature of rock coatings in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy data. Lanza N., A. Ollila, A. Cousin, R. Wiens, S. Clegg, N. Mangold, N. Bridges, D. Cooper, M. Schmidt, J. Berger, R. Arvidson, N. Melikechi, H. Newsom, R. Tokar, C. Hardgrove, A. Mezzacappa, R. Jackson, B. Clark,  O. Forni, S. Maurice, M. Nachon, R. Anderson, J. Blank, M. Deans, D. Delapp, R. Léveillé, R. McInroy, R. Martinez, P-Y. Meslin, P. Pinet (2015) Icarus.

Chemical variations in Yellowknife Bay Formation sediments analyzed by the Curiosity rover on Mars.  Mangold N. O. Forni, G. Dromart, K. Stack, R. Wiens, O. Gasnault, D. Sumner, M. Nachon, P.-Y. Meslin, R. Anderson, B. Barraclough, J. Bell III, G. Berger, D. Blaney, J. Bridges, F. Calef, B. Clark, S. Clegg, A. Cousin, L. Edgar, K. Edgett, B. Ehlmann, C. Fabre, M. Fisk, J. Grotzinger, S. Gupta, K.E. Herkenhoff, J. Hurowitz, J. Johnson, L. Kah, N. Lanza, J. Lasue, S. Le Mouélic, R. Léveillé, E. Lewin, M. Malin, S. McLennan, S. Maurice, N. Melikechi, A. Mezzacappa, R. Milliken, H. Newsom, A. Ollila, S. K. Rowland, V. Sautter, M. Schmidt, S. Schröder, C. d'Uston, D. Vaniman, R. Williams  (2015) J. Geophys. Research. ☼●■□

Hydrogen detection with ChemCam at Gale crater.  S. Schröder, P.-Y. Meslin, O. Gasnault, S. Maurice, A. Cousin, R. Wiens, W. Rapin, M. Dyar, N. Mangold, O. Forni, M. Nachon, S. Clegg, J. Johnson, J. Lasue, S.Le Mouélic, A.Ollil, P. Pinet, V. Sautter, D. Vaniman (2015) Icarus.

First detection of fluorine on Mars: Implications for Gale crater’s geochemistry. Forni O., M. Gaft, M. Toplis, S. Clegg, S. Maurice, R. Wiens, N. Mangold, O. Gasnault, V. Sautter, S. Le Mouélic, P-Y. Meslin, M. Nachon, R. McInroy, A. Ollila, A. Cousin, J. Bridges, N. Lanza, D. Dyar  (2015) Geophys. Res. Letters. ☼☼☼

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Compositions of coarse and fine particles in martian soils at Gale: A window into the production of soils. Cousin A., P. Meslin, R. Wiens, W. Rapin, N. Mangold, C. Fabre, O. Gasnault, O.Forni, R. Tokar, A. Ollila, S. Schröder, J. Lasue, S. Maurice, V. Sautter, H. Newsom, D. Vaniman, S. Le Mouélic, D. Dyar, G. Berger, D. Blaney, M. Nachon, G. Dromart, N. Lanza, B. Clark, S. Clegg, W. Goetz, J. Berger, B. Barraclough, D. Delapp, MSL Science Team  (2014) Icarus.

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High manganese concentrations in rocks at Gale crater, Mars. Lanza N.L., W. Fischer, R. Wiens, J. Grotzinger, A. Ollila, A. Cousin, R. Anderson, B. Clark, R. Gellert, N. Mangold, S. Maurice, S. Le Mouélic, M. Nachon, M. Schmidt, J. Berger, S. Clegg, O. Forni, C. Hardgrove, N. Melikechi, H. Newsom, V. Sautter  (2014) Geophys. Res. Letters.

Diagenetic origin of nodules in the Sheepbed member, Yellowknife Bay formation, Gale crater, Mars. Stack K.M. J. Grotzinger, L. Kah, M. Schmidt, N. Mangold, K. Edgett, D. Sumner, K. Siebach, M. Nachon, R. Lee, D. Blaney, L. Deflores, L. Edgar, A. Fairén, L. Leshin, S. Maurice, D. Oehler, M. Rice, R. Wiens (2014) J. Geophys. Res.

Conference, Symposium & Workshop Abstracts


Overview of the Mars 2020 Mission Perseverance Rover Third Science Campaign: Exploring Jezero Crater’s Upper Fan, M. Nachon, Siebach K., Sholes S., Sun V., Del Sesto T., Weiss B. P. et al. (2024) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Light-toned veins and material in Jezero crater, Mars, as seen in-situ via NASA’s Perseverance rover (Mars 2020 mission): stratigraphic distribution and compositional results from the Supercam instrument. M. Nachon, G. Lopez-Reyes, P.-Y. Meslin, A. Ollila, L. Mandon, E. Clavé, O. Forni, S. Maurice, R.C. Wiens, O. Gasnault, C. Quantin-Nataf, N. Mangold, S. Clegg, A. Cousin, J. Lasue, E. Dehouck, P. Pilleri, and the SuperCam Team, J.F. Bell III, B. Horgan, J.I. Núñez, K.M. Stack, M. Tebolt, G. Caravaca, S. Gupta, F. Calef, L. Crumpler, Sandra Siljeström, P. Russell, A. Williams, D. Shuster, J. Rice, A. Brown, S. Alwmark, O. Kanine and the M2020 Sed-StratWG (2024) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

An orbital photogeologic map of the Jezero crater rim: diverse targets for Mars 2020 future exploration. M.C. Deahn, B. Horgan, F. Calef III, J.Schroeder, K.M. Stack, N. Williams, S. Alwmark, C. Bedford, M. Bramble, L. Crumpler, D. Flannery, B. Garczynski, S. Gwizd, L. Ives, A. Klidaras, C. Lesh, H. Manelski, C. Miller, M. Nachon, C. Quantin-Nataf,

  1. Randazzo, E. Ravanis, P. Russell, T. Del Sesto, J. Simon, J. Voigt (2024) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Perseverance Samples from the Jezero Upper Fan B.P. Weiss, M. Nachon, Siebach K., Farley K. A. , Stack K. M. , Bosak T. et al. (2024) Abstract #1843, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

PIXL Analyses of Sedimentary Rocks in the Mars 2020 Perseverance Upper Fan Campaign in Jezero Crater. Siebach K. L, Tice M.M. Hurowitz J.A. Moreland E.L. Van Beek J.K. Kizovski T.V. et al. including M. Nachon. (2024) Abstract #2365, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.


Overview of Perseverance’s Upper Fan Campaign, K. Sieback, M. Nachon et al., (2023) AGU Conference.

Anhydrite detection by Raman spectroscopy with Supercam at the Jezero delta, Mars. G. Lopez-Reyes, M. Nachon, M. Veneranda, O. Beyssac, J.M. Madariaga, J.A. Manrique, E. Clavé, A. Ollila, K. Castro, S.K. Sharma, J.R. Johnson, S. Schröder, E. Cloutis, E. Dehouck, J. Huidobro, J. Martinez-Frias, F. Rull, S. Maurice, R.C. Wiens. (2023) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Assessing Microbial Mat Erosion Conditions on Earth and Other Planetary Surfaces. K. R. Fisher, R.C. Ewing, M. Sweeney, M. Zawaski, M. Tice and M. Nachon. (2023) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Fate of glaciovolcanic sediments transported by fluvial and aeolian processes in a cold climate Mars-analog environment. A. Rudolph, B. Horgan, P. Sinha, R. Ewing, E. Rampe, M. Lapôtre, C. C. Bedford, M. Thorpe, L. Berger, E. Champion, M. Faragalli, P. Gray, M. Hasson, K. Mason, M. Nachon, and E. Reid. (2023) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Examining the transport of volcanic sediment from vatnajökull using decorrelation stretches (DCS). T. Bourikas, A. Rudolph, B. Horgan, P. Sinha, R. Ewing, E. Rampe, M. Lapôtre, C. Bedford, M. Thorpe, L. Berger, E. Champion, M. Faragalli, P. Gray, M. Hasson, K. Mason, M. Nachon and E. Reid. (2023) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

LASSIE: Legged Autonomous Surface Science In Analogue Environments. K.R. Fisher, F. Qian, D. Jerolmack, F. Rivera-Hernandez, C. Wilson, R.C. Ewing, M. Nachon, T. Shipley, D. Koditschek. (2023) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Geomorphometry and semantic modeling for mapping aeolian landforms. B. W. Young, M. P. Bishop, R.C. Ewing, E. Bohacek, D.R. Hood, A.L. Cohen-Zada, A.Gunn, L. Rubanenko, M. Nachon, L. Berger, M.G. A. Lapôtre, D. Bustos, C.E. Newman, A. Soto. (2023) International Conference on Aeolian Research.

Sediment sorting and rounding in a basaltic glacio-fluvio-aeolian environment: Ϸhórisjökull glacier, Iceland. K.G. Mason, R.C. Ewing, M. Nachon, E.B. Rampe, B. Horgan, M.G.A. Lapotre, M.T. Thorpe, C.C. Bedford, P. Sinha, E. Champion, P. Gray. (2023) International Conference on Aeolian Research.


µXRF Investigation of Geochemical and Physical Grain Characteristics in a Glacio-Fluvial-Aeolian Catchment in Southwest Iceland. E. Champion**, R.C. Ewing, M. Nachon, E. Rampe, B. Horgan, M. Lapôtre,  M. Thorpe, C. Bedford, P. Sinha, A. Rudolph, K. Mason, M. Tice, P. Gray, E. Reid. Abstract #2409. (2022) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Characterizing the Effects of Glaciation on the Volcanic Source Rocks of the SAND-E Mars-Analog Mission and Its Implications for Mars. Bedford C.C., Rampe E.B., Thorpe M.T., Ewing R.C., M. Nachon and SAND-E Team. Abstract #2817. (2022) Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

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