Michelle Chrpa

Michelle Chrpa

Graduate Student


  Halbouty 166


Invertebrate Paleontology, Stratigraphy, Carbonate Sedimentology

Measuring Mg/Ca ratios of permineralized plants and marine invertebrates (echinoderm crinoids) found in Late Pennsylvanian coal balls of North America.

Advisor: Anne Raymond

Selected Publications

Chrpa, M.E., Raymond, A., Lamb, W.M., and Laya, J.C., (2022). Mg/Ca ratios of crinoids in coal balls suggest a marine origin [Manuscript in review]

Chrpa, M.E. and Oleinik, A.E., 2015. Shell shape variation within a population of Astarte borealis (Schumacher, 1817) (Bivalvia: Astartidae) from Camden Bay, northern Alaska: a study using elliptical Fourier analysis: Nautilus, Vol. 129, No.1, pp. 23-30.


M.S. Geology, Florida Atlantic University, 2013

B.S. Geology, Florida Atlantic University, 2008


2020 - Geology & Geophysics Conoco/Phillips Departmental Fellowship

2019 - TAMU Geology & Geophysics Departmental Fellowship

2019 - Geological Society of America Energy Geology Division Antoinette Lierman Medlin Scholarship for Analytical Research

2019 - College of Geosciences Jack M. & Florence N. Oswald Graduate Fellowship in Geology

2018 - Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant

2018 - Graduate Student Award for Service – TAMU Geology & Geophysics

2017 - Teaching Award - Leading two modules for Open Source for Open Science Workshop by TAMU Ecology & Evolutionary Biology



GEOL 101 Physical Geology (as Instructor, 2021–2022)

GEOL 102 Physical Geology Lab (as Instructor, Summer 2022)

GEOL 106 Historical Geology Lab

GEOL 150 Introduction to the Solid Earth Lab

GEOL 207 Dinosaur World (as Instructor, Spring 2020)

GEOL 210 Geological Writing

GEOL 250 Geological Field Methods

GEOL 305 Paleobiology Lab

GEOL 350 Summer Field Geology

Additional Information

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) Practitioner



Paleontological Society
Geological Society of America
Society For Sedimentary Geology
Earth Science Women's Network
Association for Women Geoscientists
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Sigma Gamma Epsilon (National Honor Society for the Earth Sciences)

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