Lucien Nana Yobo

Lucien Nana Yobo

ACES Assistant Professor

Isotope Geochemistry, Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography, Carbonate Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

  (979) 458-0012

  Halbouty 212


I am an isotope geochemist and stratigrapher who uses non-traditional stable isotopes (Ca, Sr, Cr, Mg, Fe) to investigates the effects of past changes in Earth’s history from marine sedimentary rocks. Combined with these proxies, I also use numerical box models to understand how these global biogeochemical changes occurred. More recently, my research has been focused on understanding how anoxia developed and was sustained during Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (OAE 2).


I am actively seeking high motivated undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs to come join my group starting Fall ’23. For prospective graduate student and postdocs, please contact me with a copy of your CV and provide me with a little bit more detail about yourself and what you are interested in working on.

Selected Publications

Nana Yobo, L., Brandon, A.D., Lauckner, L.M., Eldrett, J.S., Bergman, S.C., Minisini, D. (2022b) Enhanced continental weathering activity at the onset of the mid-Cenomanian Event (MCE). Geochem. Persp. Let. 23, 17–22.

Nana Yobo, L., Holmden, C., Brandon, A., Lau, K., Bergman, S.C. and Eldrett, J. (2022a). LIP volcanism (not anoxia) tracked by Cr isotope during Ocean anoxic event 2 in the proto-North Atlantic. Geochimica et Cosmochemica Acta, 332, 138-155.

Nana Yobo, L., Brandon, A., Holmden, C., Lau, K., and Eldrett, J. (2021) Changing inputs of continental and submarine weathering sources of Sr to the oceans during OAE2. Geochimica et Cosmochemica Acta, 303, 205-222.

Silva-Tamayo, Lara, M., Nana Yobo, L., J., Erdal, Y.D., J.C., Sanchez, and Zapata, P. (2017). Tectonic and environmental factors controlling on the evolution of Oligo-Miocene shallow marine carbonate factories along a tropical SE Circum-Caribbean. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Doi: 10.1016/j.jsames.2017.06.008


Ph.D. Geology University of Houston, 2021

M.S. in Geology University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014

B.S. in Geology California State University, Fresno 2012


Fellow, National GEM Consortium (2019 – 2021)

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