Juan Carlos Laya

Juan Carlos Laya

Assistant Professor

Carbonate Sedimentology, Diagenesis and Dolomitization Models


  (979) 845-7279

  Halbouty 263


My research interests are in the broad field of carbonate sedimentology. I am particularly interested in the role of climate and ocean circulation on the evolution carbonate platforms. Diagenesis and dolomitization is also a significant focus of my research using observation and experimental methods. In addition, I have worked in carbonate facies analysis and paleogeography reconstruction of Permian times, especially in South America and Permian Basin. Recently, I am looking into the fundamental problems in carbonate sedimentation and diagenesis using multi-scale approaches in the Middle East, Caribbean and West Texas. Also, I am interested in Miocene Carbonate platform evolution using ocean drilling material (IODP data). 

Selected Publications

Selected publication list: 
  1. Laya, J. C., C. P. Teoh*, F. Whitaker, C. Marche, S. E. Kaczmarek, M. E. Tucker and T. Gabellone (in review). "Why size matters to reflux dolomitization: new insights from a classic example - the Neogene carbonates of Bonaire Island." Sedimentary Geology”
  2. Prince, K., J. C. Laya, C. Betzler, T. Lüdmann and B. Miller (in review). " Miocene onset of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet expansion: evidence from the meteoric diagenesis of the western Kardiva Platform, Maldives." Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.
  3. Valencia*, F., and J. C. Laya (in press) “Deep-Burial dissolution in an Oligocene-Miocene giant carbonate reservoir (Perla Limestone), Gulf of Venezuela Basin: Implications on microporosity development." Marine and Petroleum Geology.
  4. *Tesch, P., R. S. Reece, J. R. Markello, J. C. Laya and M. C. Pope (in press). "Adding the Missing Third and Fourth Dimensions to Trajectory Analysis in Carbonate Systems." Basin Research.
  5. *Bowling, R. D., J. C. Laya and M. E. Everett (2018). "Resolving carbonate platform geometries on the Island of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands through semi-automatic GPR facies classification." Geophysical Journal International 214(1): 687-703.
  6. Laya, J. C., J. Sulaica*, C. P. Teoh*, F. Whitaker, T. Gabellone, M. E. Tucker, P. Tesch, B. Miller, K. Prince and I. Izaguirre (2018). "Controls on Neogene carbonate facies and stratigraphic architecture of an isolated carbonate platform – the Caribbean island of Bonaire." Marine and Petroleum Geology 94: 1-18.
  7. Betzler, C., G. P. Eberli, D. Kroon, J. D. Wright, P. K. Swart, B. N. Nath, C. A. Alvarez-Zarikian, M. Alonso-García, O. M. Bialik, C. L. Blättler, J. A. Guo, S. Haffen, S. Horozal, M. Inoue, L. Jovane, L. Lanci, J. C. Laya, A. L. H. Mee, T. Lüdmann, M. Nakakuni, K. Niino, L. M. Petruny, S. D. Pratiwi, J. J. G. Reijmer, J. Reolid, A. L. Slagle, C. R. Sloss, X. Su, Z. Yao and J. R. Young (2016). "The abrupt onset of the modern South Asian Monsoon winds." Scientific Reports 6: 29838.
  8. Laya, J. C. and M. E. Tucker (2015). Petroleum Potential of Permian Carbonates in Northern South America. Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Colombia, Caribbean Margin. C. Bartolini and P. Mann. Tulsa, American Association of Petroleum Geologist Memoir 108. 108: 471-498.
  9. Laya, J. C., M. E. Tucker, D. R. Gröcke and A. Perez-Huerta (2013). "Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotopic composition of low-latitude Permian carbonates (Venezuelan Andes): climate proxies of tropical Pangea." Geological Society, London, Special Publications 376(1): 367.
  10. Laya, J. C., M. E. Tucker and A. Perez-Huerta (2013). "Metre-scale cyclicity in Permian ramp carbonates of equatorial Pangea (Venezuelan Andes): Implications for sedimentation under tropical Pangea conditions." Sedimentary Geology 292: 15-35.
  11. Laya, J. C. and M. E. Tucker (2012). "Facies analysis and depositional environments of Permian carbonates of the Venezuelan Andes: Palaeogeographic implications for Northern Gondwana." Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 331-332: 1-26.


Doctor of Philosophy (2012) Geological Sciences, Specialty carbonate sedimentology Department of Earth Sciences Durham University (UK).

Master of Science (2010) Geological Sciences, Specialty sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Venezuela.

Bachelor in Engineering.  (2002) Geological Engineering Universidad de Los Andes (ULA), Venezuela.

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