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Anne Raymond
Anne Raymond
(979) 845-0644
(979) 845-6162
Halbouty 161

Texas A&M University 

Dept. of Geology and Geophysics

Texas A&M University

College Station, TX 77843-3115


A. B.  Harvard University   1977

Ph.D.   University of Chicago    1983


Fellow, Paleontological Society, 2015 - present

Earl Cook Professor of Geosciences, 2003 - 2008

Mary Ingraham Bunting Science Fellowship, Harvard University 1986-1987

N.S.F. Graduate Fellowship 1977-1981

University of Chicago Robert C. McCormick Fellowship 1977-1981


Geology 101, 101H.   Principles of Geology

Geology 104.  Physical Geology

Geology 106.  Historical Geology

Geology 305.  Paleobiology

Geology 307.  Dinosaur World

Geology 330.  Geologic Field Trips

Geology 650.  Paleoecology

Geology 654.  Evolutionary Patterns and Processes

Geology 658.  Earth Systems through Deep Time


Anne Raymond

Paleontology, geobiology

Research Interests

Paleobotany, Paleoecology, Modern Wetlands, Terrestrial Organic Carbon in Marine Environments


Selected Publications

  • Raymond, A., Wehner, M.* and Costanza, S. H., 2014.  Permineralized Alethopteris ambigua (Lesquereux) White:  A medullosan with relatively long-lived leaves, adapted for sunny habitats in mires and floodplains.  Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 200:82-96.

  • Raymond, A., Slone, E. D. J.* and Wehner, M.* 2013.  A new permineralized Alethopteris from the Kalo Formation and a simple method for distinguishing permineralized Alethopteris species.  New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 60: 338-342.

  • Kelley, P. H., Fastovsky, D. E., Wilson, M. A. Laws, R., A., and Raymond, A. 2013.  From paleontology to paleobiology:  a half-century of progress in understanding life history.   In:  Bickford, M. E. (ed.) The Web of Geological Sciences:  Advances, Impacts and Interactions.  Boulder, CO, Geological Society of America, p. 191-232.

  • O’Keefe, J. M. K., Bechtel, A., Christans, K., Dai, S., DiMichele, W. A., Eble, C. F., Esterle, J. S., Mastalerz, M., Raymond, A. L., Valentim, B. V., Wagner, N. J., Ward, C. R.,  and Hower, J. C., 2013.  On the fundamental difference between coal rank and coal type.  International Journal of Coal Geology 118: 58-87.

  • Raymond, A.,  Guillemette, R.,  Jones, C., and Ahr W., 2012.  Carbonate petrology and geochemistry of Pennsylvanian coal balls from the Kalo Formation of Iowa.  International Journal of  Coal Geology 94:137-149. doi:10.1016/j.coal.2012.01.007

  • Heise, E. A.*, Raymond, A., Parsons-Hubbard, K., Walker, S. E., Staff*, G. M., Powell, E. A., Brett, C. and Ashton-Alcox, K. A., 2011.  Wood taphonomy in mairne carbonate environments:  Experimental results. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 312: 363-379. doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2011.04.031

  • Powell, E. N., Staff, G. M.*, Callender, W. R.,* Ashton-Alcox, K. A., Brett, C. E., Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Walker, S.A., Raymond, A. 2011.  Taphonomic degradation of molluscan remains during thirteen years on the continental shelf and slope of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 312: 209-232. doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2010.12.006

  • Powell, E. N., Staff, G. M.*, Callender, W. R.*, Ashton-Alcox, K. A., Brett, C. E., Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Walker, S. A., Raymond, A.  2011.  The Influence of molluscan taxon on taphofacies development over a broad range of environments of preservation: The SSETI Experience.   Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 312: 233-264. doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2011.01.008

  • Hower, J. C., O’Keefe, J. M. K.*, Eble, C. F., Raymond, A., Valentim, B., Volk, T. J., Richardson, A. R., Satterwhite, A. B., Hatch, R. S., Stucker, J. D., and Watt, M. A., 2011.  Notes on the origin of intertinite macerals in coal:  Evidence for fungal and arthropod transformations of degraded macerals.  Int. J. Coal Geol.  86: 231-240. doi:10.1016/j.coal.2011.02.005

  • Raymond, A., Lambert, L.,* Costanza, S. H., Slone, E. J.* and Cutlip, P. G.* 2010.  Cordaiteans in paleotropical wetlands:  An ecological re-evaluation . International Journal of Coal Geology, 83(2-3): 248-265. doi:10.1016/j.coal.2009.10.009.Raymond, A., and McCarty, R.* 2009.  Pachytesta crenulata n. sp., a new medullosan ovule from the Pennsylvanian of Iowa.  Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 156: 283-306 DOI:10.1016/j.revpalbo.200903.007.

  • Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Powell, E. N., Raymond, A., Walker, S. E., Brett, C., Ashton-Alcox, K., Shepard, R. N., Krause, R., and Deline, B., 2008. The taphonomic signature of a brine seep and the potential for Burgess Shale style preservation.  Journal of Shellfish Research 27(1):227-239. 

  • Powell, E. N., Callender, W. R., Staff, G. M.*, Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Brett, C., Walker, S. E, Raymond, A., and Ashton-Alcox, K., 2008.  Molluscan shell condition after eight years on the sea floor -- Taphonomy in the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas.  Journal of Shellfish Research 27(1):191-225.

  • Baez-Cazull, S. E.*, McGuire, J. T., Cozzarelli, I. M., Raymond, A., and Welsh, L.*, 2007.  Centimeter-scale characterization of biogeochemical gradients at a wetland-aquifer interface using capillary electrophoresis.  Applied Geochemistry 22(12): 2664-2683.

  • Raymond, A., Gensel, P., and Stein, W. A.  2006. Phytogeography of Late Silurian macrofloras.  Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology. 142: 165-192.

  • O’Keefe, J. M.* K., Sancay, R. H.,*, Raymond, A, and Yancey, T. E., 2005.  A comparison of late Paleocene and late Eocene lignite depositional systems using palynology, upper Wilcox and upper Jackson Groups, east-central Texas.  In:  Warwick, P. A. (ed.) Coal Depositional Systems.  GSA Special Paper 387: 59-71.

  • Raymond, A. and Metz, C.* 2004.  Ice and its consequences: Glaciation in the Late Ordovician, Late Devonian, Pennsylvanian-Permian, and Cenozoic compared.  Journal of Geology 112: 655-670.

  • Staff, G. M.,* Callender, W. R.*, Powell, E. N., Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Brett, C. E., Walker, S. E., Carlson, D. D., White, S., Raymond, A., Heise, E. A.* 2002. Taphonomic trends along a forereef slope:  Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas.  I. Location and Water Depth.  Palaios 17: 50-65.

  • Staff, G. M., Callender, W. R., Powell, E. N., Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Brett, C. E., Walker, S. E., Carlson, D. D., White, S., Raymond, A., Heise, E. A. 2002.  Taphonomic trends along a forereef slope:  Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas.  II. Time. Palaios 17:  66-83.

  • Powell, E. N., Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Callender, W. R.*, Staff, G. M.*, Rowe, G. T., Brett, C. E., Walker, S. E., Raymond, A., Carlson, D. D., White, S., Heise, E. A.*, 2002.  Taphonomy on a continental shelf and slope:  two-year trends -- Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology


  • Raymond, A., Cutlip, P.*, and Sweet, M. 2001.  Rates and processes of terrestrial nutrient cycling in the Paleozoic:  The world before beetles, termites and flies. Pp 235-283.  In:  Allmon, W., and Bottjer, D. (eds.) Evolutionary Paleoecology. Columbia University Press, New York.

  • Zhou Yu-Xing*, Raymond, A., and Eble, C.  2000.  Lower Chesterian (Late Visean) palynomorphs from the Black Warrior Basin, Northwest Alabama.  Proc. Ninth International Palynological Congress: 69-76.

  • Parsons-Hubbard, K., Callender, W. R., Powell, E. A. N., Brett, C. E., Walker, S. E., Raymond, A., and Staff, G. M. 1999.  Rates of burial and disturbance on experimentally-deployed molluscs:  Gulf of Mexico Shelf and Slope and Bahamas Platform Edge.  Palaios 14:  337-351. 

  • Raymond, A., Phillips, M. K.* Gennett, J. A.* and Comet, P., 1997.  Palynology and paleoecology of Eocene lignites from the Manning Formation (Jackson Group) outcrop in the Lake Somerville Spillway.  International Journal of Coal Geology 34(3/4):  195-223

  • Raymond, A., 1996.  Latitudinal patterns in the diversification of mid-Carboniferous land plants:  Climate and the floral break.  In:  Leary R. L. (ed.) Patterns in Paleobotany:  Proceedings of a Czech-U.S. Carboniferous Paleobotany Workshop.  Illinois State Museum Scientific Papers 26:  1-18.

  • Webb, G. E., Sando, W. J. and Raymond, A., 1997.  Mississippian latitudinal diversity gradients (Western Interior United States):  Testing the limits of high resolution diversity data. Journal of Paleontology 71(5):  780-791.

  • De Wet, C. B., Moshier, S. O., Hower, J.C., De Wet, A. P., Brennan, S. T., Helfrich, C. T., Raymond, A. L., 1997.  Disrupted coal and carbonate facies within two Pennsylvanian cyclothems, southern Illinois Basin, United States. GSA Bulletin 109 (10): 1231-1248.

  • Raymond, A., and Metz, C. M.*, 1995,  Laurussian land-plant diversity during the Silurian and Devonian:  Mass extinction, sampling bias, or both?  Paleobiology  21(1):  74-91.

  • Staub, J. R., Esterle, J. S., and Raymond, A., 1991.  Comparative geomorphic analysis of central Appalachian coal beds and Malaysian peat deposits. Bull. Soc. geol. France 162:  339-351.

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    * Denotes student or former student co-author

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