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Nicholas D. Perez
Nicholas D. Perez
(979) 458-1271
Halbouty 351

Department of Geology and Geophysics
Texas A&M University
Halbouty Building, #351
MS 3115, College Station, TX 77843


Ph.D. Geology, University of Texas, 2015

B.S. Geology, University of Texas, 2009 


2011 – 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

2015 Best student paper, Jackson School of Geosciences, UT-Austin

2014 Grants-in-Aid, American Association of Petroleum Geologists

2013 Research Grant, Geological Society of America

2012 Research Grant, Geological Society of America

2012 Geoscience Grant, ExxonMobil


GEOL 311 Principles of Geologic Writing

GEOP 628 Basin Architecture

Faculty Mentor, AAPG Imperial Barrel Award team

Nicholas D. Perez

Assistant Professor
Tectonics, basin dynamics, fold-thrust belts, continental rifts

Research Interests

Nick’s research focuses on basin analysis and tectonics. His expertise is in non-marine siliciclastic sedimentology/stratigraphy, integration of U-Pb geochronology and provenance techniques, structural mapping and balanced cross-sections, and low-temperature thermochronology. His research topics include basin dynamics and sediment routing during deformation, the role of structural inheritance on subsidence and deformation, and the integration of sedimentology, geochronology, and kinematics. 

Nick is developing new research projects in the Peruvian Andes, Ancestral Rocky Mountains, Morocco, and the Cascades. Motivated students are encouraged to contact him if interested in M.S. or Ph.D. tectonics research. 

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed publications:

5) Garzione, C. N., McQuarrie, N., Perez, N. D., Ehlers, T. A., Beck, S. L., Kar, N., Eichelberger, N., Chapman, A. D., Ward, K. M., Ducea, M. N., Lease, R. O., Poulsen, C. J., Wagner, L. S., Horton, B. K., Saylor, J. E., and Zandt, G., 2016, The Tectonic Evolution of the Central Andean Plateau and Geodynamic Implications for the Growth of Plateaus, submitted to Annual Reviews in Earth and Planetary Sciences. 

4) Perez, N. D., Horton, B. K., McQuarrie, N., Stübner, K., and Ehlers, T. A., 2016, Andean shortening, inversion and exhumation associated with thin- and thick-skinned deformation in southern Peru, Geological Magazine, 153, p. 1013-1041, doi:10.1017/S0016756816000121.

3) Perez, N. D. Horton, B. K., and Carlotto, V., 2016, Structural inheritance and selective reactivation in the northern Altiplano: Andean deformation guided by Triassic extensional structures, Tectonophysics, v. 671, p. 264-280, doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2015.12.031.

2) Horton, B.K., Perez, N.D., Fitch, J.D., and Saylor, J.E., 2015, Punctuated shortening and subsidence in the Altiplano plateau of southern Peru: Implications for early Andean mountain building: Lithosphere, v. 7, p. 117–137, doi:10.1130/L397.1.

1) Perez, N.D., and Horton, B.K., 2014, Oligocene-Miocene deformational and depositional history of the Andean hinterland basin in the northern Altiplano plateau, southern Peru: Tectonics, v. 33, p. 1819-1847, doi:10.1002/2014TC003647

Conference presentations:

* - Undergraduate


12) Perez, N. D., Teixell, A., and Gomez, D., 2016, Early Mesozoic rift basin architecture and sediment routing system in the Moroccan High Atlas, American Geophysical Union.

11) Gao, Z., and Perez, N. D., 2016, The provenance of the southern Delaware Basin margin, west Texas: Implications for long-term basin evolution during active deformation, Berg-Hughes Center Research Symposium, TAMU.

10) Manos, T. A., and Perez, N. D., 2016, Spatial variability in sediment provenance in the Delaware Basin: Testing the role of reservoir composition on hydrocarbon production trends, Berg-Hughes Center Research Symposium, TAMU.

9) *Pesek, M. and Perez, N. D., 2016, Sandstone petrography of the Triassic Mitu Group: implications for pre-Andean extensional basins, southern Peru, TAMU Student Research Week poster.

8) Perez, N. D., Horton, B. K., McQuarrie, N., Stubner, K., and Ehlers, T.A., 2015, Shortening record in the central Andean plateau of southern Peru: Basement inversion, thin-skinned thrusting, and geomorphic response: American Geophysical Union, Paper T23A-2919.

7) Holmes, C., Perez, N. D., Payne, B., and Shapiro, S., 2015, Pre-stack seismic interpretation workflows for enhanced reservoir understanding: A comparison of Next Gen integrated interpretation platform functionality, Chevron Corporation RM Forum.

6) Perez, N. D., and Horton, B. K., 2014, Punctuated upper-crustal shortening, exhumation, and basin subsidence during flat-slab subduction in southern Peru, American Geophysical Union, T23A-4630.

5) Perez, N. D. and Horton, B. K., 2014, Stratigraphic signatures of crustal shortening and central Andean geodynamics in the Altiplano plateau, southern Peru: European Geophysical Union Research Abstracts v. 16, EGU2014-10047-1.

4) Perez, N. D., Horton, B. K., McQuarrie, N., Ehlers, T., 2013, Andean inversion of a Permo-Triassic rift system in southern Peru: Implications for Cenozoic shortening, flexure and deformation advance: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 45, (7), p.677.

3) Perez, N. D., and Horton, B. K., 2012, Cenozoic crustal shortening and thickening contributions to Andean orogenesis: Preliminary results from structural mapping in the southern Peruvian Andes: American Geophysical Union, T24C-02.

2) Perez, N. D., and Horton, B. K., 2011, Initial shortening in the northern Altiplano: Stratigraphic, structural and geochronological constraints from the Ayaviri basin, Peru: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 43 (5), p. 441.

1) Horton, B. K., Perez, N. D., and Saylor, J. E., 2011, Timing of deformation and subsidence in the northern Altiplano, Peru: Insights from detrital zircon geochronology of the Ayaviri hinterland basin: Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, v. 93 (52), Paper T23H-03.

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