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Geophysics, GIS, Remote Sensing

NASA satellite photo

Computing and GIS/Remote Sensing Research Facilities

Current departmental facilities including a Macintosh OSX server, Windows 2000 server ( with tape backup and 100GB of storage, five Windows 2000 workstations (Pentium 3 or 4 processors) and a large color plotter connected to the Internet and building network through 10BaseT and 100BaseT connections. Software tools running on the workstations include Windows 2000, Compliers for Fortran, C, Matlab and Mathematica, MS Access, SPSS, ArcInfo, ArcView, and the ArcView modules 3-D ArcView and Spatial Analyst, AutoCAD, Erdas Imagine, and ENVI.

Near-surface Applied Geophysics

Geometrics G-858 cesium vapor magnetic gradiometer; Geometrics 36-channel StrataView seismic reflection/refraction equipment will roll-along box; AGI SuperSting R8 multi-electrode resistivity/IP; Sensors and Software PulseEkko ground-penetrating radar system with 25, 100, 200 MHz antennas; Geonics EM63 time-domain metal detector; Geonics PROTEM47 time-domain EM prospecting system; Geonics EM34-3 and EM61 frequency-domain EM systems; LaCoste & Romberg gravity meter; Topcon GT-313 total station navigation system.

Earthquake Simulation Laboratory

Sun Fire X4600 server with 8 processors, 48 GB memory and 450 GB hard disk, and a Sun Ultra 40 workstation with 2 processors, 8 GB memory and 5 TB hard disk.

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