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Texas A&M University
Halbouty 309
Department of Geology and Geophysics,
MS 3115,
College Station, Texas 77843

Dr. Bruce Herbert

Professor & holder of the Enron Oil and Gas Teaching Professorship in Geosciences

Ph.D. University of California-Riverside, 1992

M.S. Soil Science University of California-Riverside

B.S. Chemistry Colgate University

Research Interests

My research explores the interactions between human society and complex surficial earth systems. I am particularly interested in how biogeochemical processes mediate the interactions between human society and ecological or engineered systems, including ecohydrology, the fate and bioavailability of contaminants, natural and human-induced perturbations of nutrient and organic carbon cycling, and the interactions between mineral surface chemistry and the functioning of engineered systems.

My research also explores questions concerning human understanding of complex earth systems, especially in educational contexts. The same learning issues that challenge students also challenge environmental experts, policy managers, and stakeholders while developing solutions to environmental problems. Therefore, educational research of student learning about complex earth systems can support the development of improved pedagogical practices and learning environments, the development of effective environmental policy, and social valuation of the environment.

As such, my research is best characterized as use-inspired, basic research at the interface between biogeochemistry and several other fields, including, hydrology, geomicrobiology, geomorphology, landscape ecology, cognitive science, and science education.

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