Ph.D. Students N-Z

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Ryan Payne Ryan Payne
Dynamics of granular media, dynamic rupture propagation and simulation, induced seismicity, and modeling techniques
Xin Peng Xin Peng
No Photo Aris Pramudito

Marcelo Rezende Marcelo Rezende
Sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, core-log integration, pore system characteristics
No Photo Margaret Smoot
Eric Stewart Eric Stewart
No Photo Available Sandra Tonietto
Sridharan VallabhaneniSridharan Vallabhaneni
Basin analysis and basin modelling
Angie Van BoeningAngie Van Boening
Geoscience education, structural geology, tectonics
No Photo Alexander Van Plantinga

Au Kim Vuong Au Kim Vuong
Reservoir characterization
Rachel Wells Rachel Wells
Structural Geology
Bradley Weymer Brad Weymer
Process Sedimentology
Matthew WehnerMatthew Wehner
Sequence stratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, sedimentology
Ruifang Xie Ruifang Xie
Isotope geology
Kehua You Kehua You
Zhirui ZengZhirui (Ray) Zeng
Tingting Zhang Tingting Zhang
Seismic inversion
Zhou ZhangZhao Zhang
Petroleum seismology, AVO analysis, numerical modeling
Dehan Zhu Dehan Zhu
Geophysics, exploration seismology
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