Departmental Committees

Executive Committee: Giardino (Chair), Zhan, Sparks, Chester, Pope, Guillemette, Marcantonio, Everett, Miller, Newman, Olszewski, Dunham, Johnson

Graduate Advisor: Everett

Seminar Committee: Raymond(Co-Chair), Francese(Co-Chair), Marcantonio, Lamb, Grossman

Microprobe Committee: W. Lamb (Chair), Guillemette, Newman, Kronenberg, J. Chester, Hajash

Curriculum & Distance Learning: Tice (Chair), Yancey, Newman, Hajash

IT Computer: Sun (Chair), Sparks, Gibson, Duan, Everett

Graduate Admissions Committee: Everette (Chair), Zhan, Newman, Grossman, Pope, Duan, Rosser

Tenure and Promotion Committee: Zhan (Chair), B.Miller, F.Chester, Raymond, Marcantoio, Sun, Olszewski

Program Assessment: Yancey, Grossman

Lab Safety: Chester (Chair), Kronenberg, Herbert, Guillemette

College Chairs & Professorship Committee: Grossman (Chair), F. Chester, Herbert, J. Chester, Hajash 

Imperial Barrel: Tice

Faculty Awards: Yancey (Chair), Hajash, Grossman

Geology & Geophysics Student Organizations

Graduate Student Council Representatives: Adam Lee

AAPG Student Chapter: Brandon Bush, President; Kyle Goodson, Vice President; Maggie Smoot, Treasurer; Zhao Zhang, Secretary; Matthew Wehner, Education Activities Chair; Rami Ibrahim and Abran Barker, Newletter Chairs; and Jonathan Fry, Social Chair

Undergraduate G&G Society: David Lewis, President; Rachel Gray, Vice President; Vicky Rocha, Treasurer; Philip Grove (Senior Chair), Cliff Mack, and Matt Letinich, Social and Tailgate Chairs; Clint Barnette, Field Trip Chair; and Dr. Bruce Herbert, Faculty Advisor

Geology/Geophysics Soc. Graduate Student Council: Harold Johnson, President; Aileen Gaudinez, Secretary; Rachel Wells, Treasurer; Ajay Singh, Activities Chair; and Dr. John R. Giardino, Facutly Advisor

College of Geosciences

College Tenure and Promotion Committee Representative: Herbert, Grossman

Curriculum Committee Representative: Hajash

College Computer Access Fee Committee: Sun

Geos. Faculty Advisory Council (GFAC): Chester

UG Scholarships Committee: Hajash

Representative to the Library Council: Gibson

Representative on College Safety Committee: tbn

Representative Environmental Programs in Geosciences: Hajash

Honor Council: tbn

Faculty Senate: tbn

* ex officio

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