Geology & Geophysics Department Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the TAMU Geology & Geophysics Advisory Council (GEODAC) is to promote vision and leadership to "build a geoscience community of students, staff, and faculty who excel through collaborative pursuit in teaching and research," leading to the creation of financial and academic opportunities for the department.

Current Members

Najib Abusalbi
Corporate University Relations Manager

Mark Koelmel
Chevron Energy Technology Company
General Manager, Earth Sciences Dept.

William Barkhouse

Michael R. Lilly 84
Geo-Watersheds Scientific

Lee Billingsley, Ph.D. ‘75
Abraxas Petroleum Corp.
Vice President Exploration

Dusty Marshall ‘75
Hess Corporation
Vice President US Exploration

Kellam Colquitt ‘70
Rose & Associates, LLP
Senior Associate


Doug McGehee 81
Exxon Mobil Exploration Company
Geosciences General Manager

Jack Falks ‘85
College of Geosciences
Director of Development

Ron McWhorter 79
Porto Energy Group
Chief Geophysicist

Rick Giardino
Department of Geology & Geophysics
Department Head

Dan Pedrotti ‘53
Suemaur Nouveau Energy, LLC

Matthew M. Hammer 80
Royal Exploration Company, Inc.
Exploration Manager

Carl Steffensen ‘82
BP America, Inc.
Senior Integrated Geoscientist

John O. Hastings, Jr. '84
Paloma Resources, LLC
Partner/Vice President Exploration

Catherine Strong ‘80
ConocoPhillips Company
South Texas Exploration & Production

Walter Hufford 83
Atlantic Richfield-BP
Manager, Environmental Business

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