Research Programs

Sandstone formationResearch in the Department of Geology and Geophysics addresses fundamental questions about the processes and history of the solid Earth and applies this knowledge for the benefit of society. The research programs of many faculty are broadly interdisciplinary, blurring the boundaries between classical geological disciplines and also between fundamental and applied research.

Geology and Geophysics faculty are involved with four specific research clusters. There are also specific centers, institutes, and groups that further faculty research and involve student participants.

Research Clusters

Petroleum Geosciences Research Cluster

Water Resources and Environmental Geosciences Research Cluster

Life, Climate and Earth History Research Cluster

Tectonics and Geodynamics Research Cluster

Centers and Institutes

College of Geosciences Atmospheric Science Geography Oceanography Geology & Geophysics Environmental Programs Water Degree Program GERG IODP Texas Sea Grant Department Icons