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What is G-Camp

G-Camp is a 14-day field camp for 5th - 12th grade science teachers that gives you first-hand experience with the principles of geology in the field, helps you develop new curriculum and virtual fieldtrips for your classroom, and makes learning fun and exciting out of doors. This field experience puts you on the outcrop, on the slope of a volcano, on the footwall of a fault, in a spectacular glacial valley, at the toe of a landslide, and in a pristine flowing stream - to mention just a few of the opportunities of G-Camp. Our itinerary takes us through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

All expenses during G-Camp will be covered.

G-Camp will provide teachers ...

Not only an introduction to the principles of geology, but also the opportunity to obtain curriculum materials to teach the TEKS objectives required for grades 5 - 12. During the fourteen days we will explore the geologic landscapes of Texas; volcanic features; ancient marine deposits; sand dunes; faults; glacial landscapes; streams; landslides; caves; energy resources; and mineral resources. G-Camp will travel from College Station through Texas to New Mexico and Colorado. We will go from slightly above sea level to locations higher than 13,000 feet. The views and knowledge will take your breath away!

We travel by commercial bus to each field location and stay in motels along the way. Although we will not be walking long distances each day to reach outcrops and landforms, being able to walk a couple of miles during the day is a requirement for participation in G-Camp.

Applying for G-Camp

The first step is completing the online application and submitting it along with contact information for two (2) letters of recommendation. Please give your references as much time as possible to respond to our request for references - apply early!

Applications are now open for summer 2016. Thirty-two teachers will be selected for G-Camp. A selection committee will evaluate the applications and determine the teachers selected.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete your application for G-Camp today! The exciting world of geology awaits you.

G-Camp Staff

John R. (Rick) Giardino

Rick has been teaching geology and geomorphology since 1972. He is a field-orientated geologist who has undertaken research around the world. He has also been involved with teacher education for many years. He is currently professor of geology and geophysics, as well as professor in the water management and hydrological science program at Texas A&M University. Prior to retuning to the department as department head, he was dean of graduate studies for nine years at A&M, and prior to that he served as department head for 7½ years. He is involved in numerous international geological organizations. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and the British Royal Geographical Society.. He is also on the editorial boards of Geomorphology published by Elsevier and The Open Geology Journal published by Benthem Science and AIMS Geosciences published by AIMS Publishers. He has won several teaching awards.

Carolyn Schroeder

Carolyn taught Earth Science in Texas public schools for 30 years before returning to Texas A&M to earn her PhD in science education. She currently is a research scientist in the Center for Mathematics and Science Education in the office of the Dean of the College of Science. She recently authored a paper describing the conduct and results of a meta-analysis of science teaching strategies that was published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching and wrote a booklet for Texas classroom teachers on effective science teaching strategies. She is also Project Director of the TAMU Regional Collaborative for Excellence in Science Teaching and very active in providing professional development for teachers in the region, particularly in the Earth Sciences. Carolyn was Texas Earth Science Teacher of the Year in 1986 and is a charter member of the Texas Earth Science Teachers Association. For 11 years, she worked as teacher consultant and lab instructor for NSF Summer Earth Science Teacher Institutes in the Geology Department at TAMU. She also taught a summer geology course for 5 years at Bryan High School that involved an 11-day camping field trip to West Texas.

Kevin Gamache

Kevin received his PhD in Water Management & Hydrological Sciences from Texas A&M in 2014 where his research focus was on water scarcity in the Western United States. He has been documenting G-Camp in pictures and video since 2009. Kevin retired from the United States Air Force in 2005 and currently works full-time for the Texas Engineering Experiment Station, and teaches part time at the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M. His wife Rita teaches 5th Grade in Bryan, Texas.

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