From Finding Nemo to Dating Geology Style

Geosciences seminars help students explore the world through multiple perspectives.

Students in the College of Geosciences can choose from a smorgasbord of one-hour seminars that explore Earth through art, music and popular science.

The signature Geosciences First-Year Seminar Program is mandatory for entering freshmen and strongly encouraged for transfer students.

“These one-hour courses give new students the opportunity to participate in small classes in a relaxed setting. They help students transition from high school or community college to a university and also give students a different perspective of the geosciences, connecting the discipline to its place in the arts, political discussion and contemporary culture,” said Sarah Bednarz, geography professor and former associate dean for academic affairs.

Panel: Legacies of Texas A&M, oil industry tied together

It might power the cars and cool the campus, but oil and A&M have a deeper relationship, according to A&M professors at a panel Thursday night at the George Bush Library.

The oil industry has helped A&M receive one of the highest university endowments in the nation. Oil wells have boosted the amount available for universities through Texas's Permanent University Fund from $337 million in 2010, to $1.1 billion in 2014, said Dr. Carlos Dengo, director of the Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems.

"A&M is the university it is because of the oil industry," Dengo said. "The oil industry has achieved what it has today in large part due to the leadership of many A&M graduates that have gone on to shape our industry."

Uncovering Unconventional Resources

Berg-Hughes Center receives funding to develop research and analysis for unconventional drilling

The Office of the Provost has granted $200,000 a year from the Heep Endowment for a two-year grant to the Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems.

The funds will be used to initiate a complex integrated project to address fundamental geoscience, engineering and other research in unconventional oil and gas resources. Funds will initially be used for faculty and student support in the colleges of Geosciences and Engineering to process and analyze modern geophysical, drill-well core and log data being collected in Brazos Country and surrounding areas, including the Texas A&M campus, according to Berg-Hughes DirectorCarlos Dengo ’78 and ’82. Dengo is also executive professor of geology and geophysics and the Dudley J. Hughes Endowed Chair in Geophysics.

“Discussions are already under way with Seitel and Apache Corporation,” Dengo says. Seitel is the company collecting seismic data in Brazos County and on the Texas A&M campus, and Apache is one of the largest developers of the Eagle Ford shale formation with wells already drilled near College Station.


Carlos Dengo is named director of Berg Hughes Center

A former student and ExxonMobil executive Dr. Carlos A. Dengo has been named director  of Texas A&M’s Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems. He also holds the Dudley J. Hughes Endowed Chair in Geophysics. (Read More)

Advisor on the Rocks

No showers!

Cold weather!

Snakes, steep trails, and deep canyons!

Follow the adventures of Suzanne Rosser, Geology and Geophysics' capable advisor, as she travels with a field trip group - see her blog, Advisor on the Rocks.

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