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Michel T. Halbouty '30 Geosciences Building Complex

Front, outside View of Halbouty

The Department of Geology and Geophysics is housed in the 76,000 square-foot Michel T. Halbouty '30 Geosciences Building complex. Numerous modern classrooms and well equipped laboratories are available for teaching and performing analytical and experimental geological and geophysical research.

Historic photo of Halbouty

The complex is comprised of two buildings that are connected by a breezeway. At left is the main entrance to the original building, constructed in 1932. A magnificent tower, which housed a tank for domestic hot water, originally adorned the building. The tower was removed for safety reasons in 1972; cast stone facing on the building was loose and in danger of falling off. (photo of old building ca. 1946)

Back, outside view of the two buildings in the complex

View from the large courtyard behind the Halbouty Building Complex. The back of the original building is in the left half of the photo, and part of the new building is in the right half of the photo.

Photo of the new wing of the Halbouty building

View of the new wing of the Halbouty building in the foreground, and the original building in the background.

Photo of the Dudley Hughes ’51 Lecture Hall

Formerly known as "Room 101," the Dudley Hughes ’51 Lecture Hall is state-of-the-art. In 1997, the lecture hall underwent a facelift and technological renovation. Every effort was made to preserve the histrorical characteristics of the room, including preservation of the beautiful stained glass windows that depict mineral classes. An audio/video system with a "smart lectern" from which the professor/speaker can project slides, movies, videos and overheads on any of three screens, and which includes surround sound for the video system, was installed. The room was painted and recarpeted, the chairs were cleaned and repaired, and the room was brought into compliance with modern safety and disability standards.

Photo of the Michel T. Halbouty Hall of Honor

The Michel T. Halbouty Hall of Honor comprises the main lobby of the original geology and geophysics building.

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