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Associate Professor and
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Ph.D., University of California-Riverside, 1992

The Environmental Geochemistry Research Group conducts innovative research on the biogeochemistry of near-surface environments, including soils, wetlands, aquatic sediments, aquifers, and the coastal margin. We are focused on biogeochemical processes that mediate the interactions between human society and ecosystems, including the fate and bioavailability of contaminants, natural and human perturbations of nutrient and organic carbon, and human impacts on ecosystem functioning.

As such, our research group studies geoscience at the interface between biogeochemistry, geomorphology and landscape ecology.

Our research has included field studies at the soil pedon, aquifer and watershed scale to understand dynamics and scaling of biogeochemical processes, laboratory studies utilizing microcosms to understand biogeochemicaal processes, and spectroscopic studies that seek to characterize molecular mechanisms and chemical bonding.

We are also interested in developing creative pedagogical tools and instructional materials that enhance geoscience education. In particular, we are focused on the design and development of Web-based learning (WBL) tools to enhance problem-based learning. The WBL tools we develop often link our research to geoscience education.


  • Laiman Lee (M.S., 2001) defends her Ms.S. thesis entitled Pyrene Sorption to Natural Clay Minerals and Reference Clay Standards
  • Veit Matt (Ph.D., 2001) takes a research position at University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • Ron Parker (Ph.D.) starts as Assistant Professor of Geology at Earlham College.
  • Dongqiang Zhu (Ph.D., 2001) wins 2001 Best Student Paper from the Environmental Divsion of the American Chemical Society.
  • Heather Lott (M.S., 1999) makes an appearance on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"
  • Laiman Lee (M.S., 2001) wins fellowship from the Sustainable Coastal Margins Program at Texas A&M to support her Ph.D. research.
  • Charlie Allan is born to Kathy Allan (M.S., 1997).

Bruce Herbert collecting soil in the blackland praries east of Austin Texas. Helping is Dr. Mark Schlautman, Professor of Environmental Engineering at Clemson University. Mark is a good friend except when he is sitting down on the job.

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